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We offer a complete service from planning to design and construction of your new sips lodge home.

Looking for a superb high quality lodge home?

These structural insulated  panel construction lodge homes are in a class of their own.

If you are looking for a superbly built, fully equipped lodge. Please email for more information.

 From design, planning and construction we can see the whole process through with you.

SIP's lodge construction is highly insulated and  economical to run,

SIP's Lodge Home Construction


Structural panel built homes, kitchen
Structural Insulated Panel lodge construction

Structural Insulated Panels are an option to consider when looking for a residential lodge home or a rental property.

If you have land and a dream of a new home we can help from design, planning and construction of your new lodge.

Please note these are classed as above BS3632 for insulation. 


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Structural Insulated Panels are heat pressured panels giving a strong and pre insulated construction to build all sizes of lodges.

They offer a high level of insulation above BS3632

The lodges are supplied all over the UK

SIP's construction panels for the best built lodges in the UK

Structural Insulated Panel Lodge  Construction.

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