Frequently asked Questions about our Lodges


Q, Do I need planning permission for a Lodge/Tiny house?
A, Yes though the lodges fall under the 'caravan act' more here.... We would recommend talking to a planning consultant.


Q, Why do you need the site address? 

A, We try to offer an inclusive costing which involves haulage. With the site address we can more accurately cost the lodge including delivery and assembly on site costs.


Q, Are the lodges insulated and double glazed?

A, Yes, every lodge is equipped with 100mm of insulation, double glazing, a kitchen, heating, lighting, bathroom/s floor covering and will be painted throughout.


Q, Why are there no prices on the web site?
A, Well because the lodge will be delivered from our Factory to your site and the haulage will vary depending on the distance we cover.


Q, Do you cover the whole of the UK? 

A, Yes we cover all of the British Isles.


Q, Do you export?

A, No though we do cover Spain, Portugal, France and Italy via


Q, Do you import these lodges?

A, No we build everything here in Britain at our factory in Yorkshire.


Q, Do you supply lodges for customers to fit their own heating, lighting, kitchens, plumbing, lighting?

A, No. We supply complete lodges built to a high standard. All the first fix is done during construction, if we supply without these items you would have to undo the work we have already done!